Wholesale, made simple.


Why do brands choose Ankorstore?

A network of retailers

Choose who you want to work with from the best shops, fine food stores and retailers all over Europe.

Guaranteed payment on delivery

No more cash flow problems - you are paid on delivery. We take on payment deadlines and the risk of non-payment.

Free shipping

We refund shipping costs on all your orders, to help increase your profit and boost a shop's new items.

Simple and no fixed costs

Put your products online, our teams do the rest. There are no fixed costs. We charge a 20% fee on the first order, and 10% on all the following orders from the same retailer.

"Our story, just a click away"

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to make our historic brand known in just a few clicks, and on an international scale. From concept stores to pharmacies, Ankorstore enables us to distribute our products in the very best conditions."

Albane from Maison Payen

"The logical next step"

"Today, we work with 150 shops and concept stores. Ankorstore has given us the possibility to develop our business internationally, with guaranteed payment on delivery, which is just what we needed for the next stage of our growth."

André from Jean-Vier

“Security and growth”

"As a young brand, being distributed in a select network of shops, that are consistent with our image, is particuarly important. And if we can also benefit from payment on delivery and the shop from preferential payment conditions, then it's a win win!"

Alexandre from Angarde

Simple and free, Ankorstore helps you safely grow your sales.


What is Ankorstore?

Ankorstore is a marketplace that connects carefully selected authentic brands with thousands of retailers throughout Europe. Our marketplace is entirely devoted to professionals. On top of easing the wholesale process, we offer retailers 60 day payment terms, whereas you, the brand, are paid on delivery! Last but not least, we pay your shipping costs (yes, you read it right).

Who is behind Ankorstore?  

Ankorstore was founded by the former founders & employees of Etsy, Vestiaire Collective and A Little Market. We aim to connect the best brands with the best shops all over Europe. We believe that the future is local and that we can help businesses thrive.

How long will it take for my brand to be approved and appear on the platform?

We have a dedicated team who respond to applications within 48 hours - and usually less :) If your application is successful, our onboarding team will take care of uploading your products onto the platform. Some brands have applied and been live 2 hours later! Record to be beaten.

How many shops are on Ankorstore? In which countries? 

There are over 5000 shops registered on the platform in France, Spain, Belgium and Germany. And that's just the beginning!

Who ships the goods? Can I decide where my products are sold?

We don't manage stock. You ship your orders, just like you would any other order. All you have to do is confirm them in your back-office. Of course, you have the right to review orders and refuse them. As a marketplace, we must insist on the notion of "pronto".  

How much is the fee for me, the brand?

Our fee is:

- 20% excl. tax on the first order from a retailer
- 10% excl. tax on all the following orders from this retailer

We put all our efforts into getting new customers (newsletter, ads, merchandising, calls with retailers, etc.), which is why the fee on the first order is of 20%. But, once this retailer is a customer, we lower this fee to 10% on all following orders.
Any sales rep or agent would charge 15%, on all orders (!), but we offer a lot more additional services. No subscription, no contracts, no opening fees, and you only pay if you sell! We have also developed a referral programme to help you convert your prospects or dormant clients, and thus grow your business, with highly advantageous conditions for you both. We'll tell you more after your onboarding ;)

Do you really take on the risk of non-payment?

Yes, 100%. We ensure the solvency of our retailers and can therefore pay you on delivery, every time. As for retailers, we offer Net-60 terms, meaning payment after 60 days, free of charge. This makes it easier to discover new products and shops.

What do you mean by "300 euro single free shipping"? Do you really pay for shipping costs?

After speaking to over 2000 businesses, we realised that their biggest problem was shipping costs on small orders. To maintain their margins, shops look to order the minimum amount from which they don't have to pay shipping costs. As a result, they have lots of stock and are reluctant to try out new products. From a brand's standpoint, it is simply not profitable to offer free shipping on small orders (which makes sense). Nobody wins.

We therefore decided to pay for shipping costs, no matter the size of the order. This allows us to offer shops the following (our 300€ single free shipping): - 100€ excl. tax minimum order per brand - Free shipping for all multi-brand orders above 300€ excl. tax If the order is below 300€ excl. tax, we refund the shipping costs, but charge a 20€ transport fee. The brand's actual shipping costs are therefore always paid for. 

What are the minimum orders? For the launch, as well as for replenishment?

Our minimum order is 100€ excl. tax, for both a product launch and replenishment. This stems from our single free shipping offer. Rest assured, you can refuse orders if you wish. But we have noticed that shops are more inclined to try products out, replenish their stock, and place larger orders on a regular basis. This allows you to grow your business more easily. Since we pay for shipping costs, it's a win-win.

What are your terms and conditions? Here is the link to our T&C for brands and T&C for retailers